From one limit of the Greater Toronto Area to the next, Bano Electrical Services has met thousands electrical solutions and creative pot-lighting projects great, small and in-between. Our licensed Master Electricians just haven’t met the one we can’t handle with innovation and warranty-guaranteed quality.


    Without a doubt, pot lights are something of a signature specialty to us. Specifically, we install nothing less than the market’s finest,most attractive fixtures with no lasting property damage during servicing. Should we install a defective part, call us at any time, day or night. The replacement is on us.


    After so many years, a home’s energy, wiring or lighting needs can demand some upgrades. Our workmanship is guaranteed to uphold your home and family’s safety and your property’s continuing value for years to come.


    Don’t take the incorrect fuses that the fuses-to-breakers switch avoids lightly. Let a trained technical inspect the work to spot arcing caused by carbon buildup that can lead to dangerously rising levels of heat.


    Only an expert professional electrician should ever perform electrical installations or maintenance near water. Every Bano Electrical Services Technician strictly follows the Ontario Electrical Safety Code with GFCI protection for optimal safety.


    Home safety is the uncompromising #1 priority written into every Bano Electrical Services residential installation. We connect wiring only with receptacles known to be compatible with it. Our technicians are skilled in connecting both copper and aluminum wires with quality paste, flux, or wire connectors to ensure code-standard uniformity and fire safety.